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History Trip – 1st Year History Trip

Our history teacher Mr Ferguson and our school librarian Sarah McAllister helped us with a class project over several weeks.
'History Landmarks in & around O'Connell Street, 1916/2016.'
December 8th, 2015, was set as the date for the trip into Dublin City.
When we got into school, we were all excited for the outing. We all had to write on iconic figures or famous buildings in town.
Brady, David and I had to study Jim Larkin. I was happy with this because I didn't really know about him, but I ended up learning a lot.
We travelled in via Dublin Bus and as soon as we got off we started touring around places like: The Daniel O'Connell Statue; The Parnell Monument; The GPO; the Garden of Remembrance; The Rotunda Hospital and the Spire (which stands where Nelson's Pillar stood).
We passed two theatres and we visited The Moving Crib, where we saw a bunch of things like:-Noah's Arc; Jesus's birth; The Three Wise Men and The Resurrection of Jesus Christ. There were face cut-outs to pretend that you were a nun. It was hilarious when Liam, Daniel and Bradley put their heads on a nun's body. Mr Ferguson also did it.
In the Hugh Lane Gallery, I liked the way you could step into the Francis Bacon replicated studio. It was all over the place.
My favourite stop was the G.P.O. I had never been inside. It is massive. Conor and Angel did a great job with their presentation on the G.P.O.
My second favourite stop was McDonalds, because walking around town is very, very exhausting and when we finally got to eat, it refilled my energy to finish off the day, and who doesn't like a McDonalds!
Even though we had an excellent day, my least favourite part was waiting for the bus home. It took so long to come and Zade and I were shouted at to move over by an old man on the bus.
When I got home, I fell right asleep. I was so tired after an amazing day. I really enjoyed the day and would do it all over again. I rate the day an overall 100%, Thanks to Ms Ryan, our Tutor; Sarah and Mr Ferguson.

Things I Learned:
" The Rotunda is the oldest maternity hospital in the world.
" Jim Larkin was in America in 1916 but his good friends James Connolly and Michael Mallin were fighting in the G.P.O.
" Daniel O'Connell was nicknamed the Irish Liberator. He would not have agreed with the 1916 rising.
" The Garden of Remembrance is to remember those who died in wars for Irish Freedom. Some of the 1916 Leaders were kept there before being taken to Kilmainham Gaol.
" You could walk up Nelson's Pillar before it was blown up in 1966 by the I.R.A.
" The G.P.O. was the headquarters of the Easter Rising in 1916. Tom Clarke, James Connolly, Patrick Pearse and Sèan MacDiarmada were some of the leaders there.
" Where Mr Ferguson lives.
" Never trust a Dublin Bus Timetable!

By: Alan Smith, Tesla, 26-1-2016

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